projector II

GAIA Galaxy Projector 2.0

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Light Therapy

Bluetooth Speaker

Calming The
6 Senses

Brightness & Speed

Energy Efficient

Set Timers

Blue Star &
Improved Projection


Vivid. Stunning. Immersive.

A galaxy projector that changed many things. After more than 3 years of research and development and hundreds of rigorous tests, GAIA GALAXY II succeeded in shattering limitations.

Sleek and distinctive, it packs groundbreaking technologies to deliver an intense lightning experience, the kind you feel in your bones and in your soul, for real.


Aesthetic. Minimalist. Limited Edition

In crafting GAIA GALAXY II’s overall look, we focused on function and an obsessive attention to detail. Some call it French savoir-faire and art de vivre. We view this as honoring craftsmanship and pleasure equally.

Beyond its iconic shape, GAIA GALAXY II is the Special Limited Edition in Prussian Blue and Copper Rich, with scratch-resistant materials, and finishes that can stand out or blend in.

You now have every excuse to treat yourself to the most premium galaxy projector in the world.

Sensational. Activate the 6 Senses.

With a focus on high-end and ultra-minimalist design, GAIA GALAXY II is superior to many galaxy projectors out there. It offers more vivid colors, larger projection and supreme MusicSense™ where lights beat with music from any external speaker.

You’ll be immersed in an alternate universe of constellations, nebulae and crashing ocean waves. Its starry cloud will rotate around your space like the quiet underwater waves to give you a soothing and calming day and night time experience.

Designed with next-gen technology in Australia, GAIA Galaxy II features advanced light therapy with therapeutic waves of movement and built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite playlists.

Illuminate the potential of any space.

This minimalist compact device instantly brings Zen to your home and creates a magical and calming space that has a timeless aesthetic. It adapts your room to any mood or occasion, whether it's a celebratory night with your friends and families or a cozy night with your loved ones, whether it’s for meditation and dreamtime or just star-gaze. The possibilities are endless.

With unlimited inspiring lighting modes, Gaia Galaxy Projector II offers the beauty and wonder of the Milky Way to all ages.

Transform your home into a relaxing paradise

All the power of the universe at your fingertips. GAIA GALAXY II comes complete with its dedicated remote to help you take full control of your light and music.

Now, just sit back and float in the galaxy!


GAIA Galaxy Projector II - World’s Most Premium Galaxy Projector

Gaia Galaxy Projector

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker & Advanced MusicSense™
  • Next-gen Light Therapy™: calming blue stars, unlimited color options, improved projection quality with therapeutic waves of movement
  • Appropriate and certified safe for the whole families
  • 12-Month Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Supreme scratch resistance & minimal aesthetic
  • Remote control: toggle on/off moon/stars/nebula, adjust brightness/speed/star patterns, color modes, music (perfect before sleeping!)
  • Energy efficient & producing no heat

Other Galaxy Projectors

  • No Bluetooth Speaker or MusicSense™
  • Lower quality projections.
    Plastic lenses & limited color options
  • Not child and pet-friendly
  • No warranty or quality guarantee
  • Bland & uncreative design & low-quality materials
  • App Control with high EMF effects and invasive permissions to your phone’s data by the so called convenient high tech projectors
  • Not energy efficient while producing some heat

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As a premium global brand we are wildly popular around the world. GAIA Galaxy is the original name people trust for the world's top-rated galaxy projector. We are aware that there are several websites and companies selling counterfeit GAIA Galaxy Projector; and branding our creation as their own.

While our Legal Team is aware of this issue, we highly advise against purchasing from such websites as the quality and authenticity of these counterfeit products are compromised. We combat counterfeiting to safeguard our relationship with you and give you the best possible experience. Avoid disappointment by trusting the best and getting the original GAIA Galaxy Projector.