RGB, Generation II

Available color range

Multicolor RGB

Twinkly Line is a self-adhesive + magnetic, slim, smart LED light strip perfect for bringing color and endless moods to any room in your home. With an all-black finish, bright and colorful LEDs, and the smallest cross-section profile on the market, Twinkly Line is a cool – yet discrete – decorative lighting device. Like all Twinkly products, Line can be mapped and every single LED can be controlled individually, allowing you to create and reproduce unique effects, gradients, and color animations – Line becomes your screen.

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  • Wi-Fi

    Miniaturized system of chips for remote control

  • Bluetooth

    One tap for configuring multiple products

  • IP44

    For outdoor and indoor use

Product details

Year’s model 2021, Generation II
Indoor/outdoor IP20 (indoor only)
Controller features Bluetooth, WI-Fi
Num. of lamps 90
Lamp lens type
Lamp diameter
Lamp spacing
Led RGB — Red, Green, Blue (+16 million colors)
Electric wire Black wire
Lead length 2m / 6.5ft
Lighted length 1.5m / 5ft
Adater input V 120V - US | 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz
Adapter output V 15W (5V ⎓ 3A)
Warranty 1 year
Long life span Over 30000 hours
Pack dimension (20x18x5) cm / (7.87x7.09x1.9)’
Package includes 1 strip+controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide

GAIA Galaxy Projector - Máy Chiếu Thiên Hà Được Xếp Hạng Tốt Nhất Thế Giới

Gaia Galaxy Projector

  • Tích hợp loa Bluetooth và tính năng hẹn giờ tự động
  • Thích hợp và an toàn cho cả gia đình
  • Điều khiển từ xa: điều chỉnh độ sáng, tốc độ, âm nhạc…
  • Bảo hành 12 tháng và đảm bảo hoàn tiền trong 30 ngày
  • Liệu pháp ánh sáng trị liệu hiện đại: Chất lượng chiếu được cải thiện và thấu kính thủy tinh chất lượng cao
  • Kết hợp tối đa nhiều màu sắc để phù hợp với mọi tâm trạng

Other Galaxy Projectors

  • Không có loa Bluetooth và không có tính năng hẹn giờ tự động
  • Không thân thiện với trẻ em và vật nuôi
  • Điều chỉnh kém linh hoạt
  • Không bảo hành
  • Chất lượng chiếu thấp hơn và thấu kính nhựa
  • Tùy chọn màu sắc hạn chế


Sensational. Simply breathtaking.

With the help of authentic high-resolution NASA satellite 3D imagery, for the first time ever you can bring the magic of the heavens into your home.

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Have you ever seen the Milky Way galaxy?

Did you know? One-third of humanity and 80% of Americans, according to scientists, can no longer see the Milky Way.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism and designed in Australia, GAIA Galaxy Projector is created to change that, by bringing the beauty of the universe much closer.

Bring the wonders of the Universe to your home

As human beings, we have deep connections to the stars that extend back to the dawn of humanity. With just the touch of a button, miraculous GAIA Galaxy Projector gives you the daring power to transform your dream into a breathtaking reality.

We’re on a journey to bring back the wonders of the sparkling night sky that has been lost due to the light pollution in cities.

Essential & immersive mental-reset vibes

You’ll be immersed in an alternate universe of constellations, nebulae and crashing ocean waves. Its starry cloud will rotate around your space like the quiet underwater waves to give you a soothing and calming day and night time experience.

Designed with next-gen technology, magical GAIA Galaxy Projector features advanced light therapy with therapeutic waves of movement and built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite playlists.

Beyond lightning.
It’s an experience

This minimalist compact device instantly brings Zen to your home and creates a magical and calming space that has a timeless aesthetic. It adapts your room to any mood or occasion, whether it's a celebratory night with your friends and families or a cozy night with your loved ones, whether it’s for meditation and dreamtime or just star-gaze. The possibilities are endless.

With unlimited inspiring lighting modes, Gaia Galaxy Projector offers the beauty and wonder of the Milky Way to all ages.

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