1. How long will it take to receive my order?

Domestic orders and International Orders will be shipped depending on the fulfillment center the product is from.

Shipping confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your order is shipped. Please note that International customers will be responsible for any customs fee.

2. How can I track my order?

Orders information generally becomes available 24 to 48 hours after you place the order. Please check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

3. How can I pay ?

You can pay with any major credit/debit card or with PayPal account. You can also buy now pay later with Afterpay or Klarna. We also accept cryptocurrencies via Coinbase. We use encrypted SSL certificates for 100% security.

4. Is my card information secure?

Your card information is encrypted during transmission, and we assure you that the information you provide is only used for the requested transaction and is not stored.

5. Can I still make changes to my order after placing it?

Order changes, cancellations, shipping address update needs to be done within 24 hrs upon placing them. You can send us an email at hello@gaiagalaxy.com for any requests.

6. What do I do if my product is faulty?

If you receive a faulty item, please send us an email at hello@gaiagalaxy.com so our Customer Service team can assist you.

7. What is your return/refund policy?

Please see refunds and returns policy via this link here.

8. What is Gaia Galaxy Projector?

Its swirling galaxies will dangle your ambiance in a gentle random motion, showcasing the star, the moon, and the nebula to make your night fascinating and full of stars. Its starry cloud will rotate around your space like the quiet underwater waves to give you a soothing and calming day and night time experience.

9. Are they fast and easy setup?

The magic happens in 10 seconds or less. Just plug in and enjoy.

10. How does Gaia Galaxy Projector work?

Gaia Galaxy Projector is laser light that projects thousands of colorful stars and nebulae and the moon. Laser light is unique because it's coherent (concentrated light waves traveling in the same direction). Laser light travels in a beam and shines over long distances without losing brightness. We split (diffract) that beam into thousands of smaller beams to create the unique "starry" Gaia Galaxy effect. You really have to experience yourself! It’s super mesmerizing!

11. What are the color options of Gaia Galaxy Projector?

There are 31 options with thousands of naturally dispersed stars in different sizes, the moon that can toggle on/off, controllable cloud formation, and seven unique stage light effects are what you get from our Gaia Galaxy Projector. 

12. Is Gaia Galaxy Projector safe?

Yes, Gaia Galaxy Projector is safe to use around people and pets, and has been RoHS and CE certified to prove it. You can also browse our various reviews from previous customers to see positive feedback below. The lasers we use are low-wattage, and as mentioned above, we split the main beam into thousands of smaller beams which are less than 5 miliWatts each. We also take great precautions to ensure user safety. While Gaia Galaxy Projector is safe for everyday use, it is still laser and will keep on projecting in any direction you aim the product at, please be aware not to project it directly to the eyes. 

13. Is it safe for children?

Yes absolutely. Kids will love it to the moon. We’ve had thousands of customers worldwide that purchased it for their children and grandchildren to enjoy!

14. Are Gaia Galaxy’s products environment friendly? I really care about the earth!

Yes, our products are enchanting and energy efficient!

15. How to use it?

Forget the hassle that comes with changing style and colors; Gaia Galaxy Projector has got you covered with its intuitive remote controller. You can create the ambiance you want with just a few taps. The remote can individually control each group of lights, such as stars, moons and clouds and allows for a flexible array of options such as: Brightness, Speed, Mode, Music. 

16. How much area does a single Gaia Galaxy Projector cover?

Gaia Galaxy Projector’s coverage varies depending on how close the light is to the projection surface. The closer the light is, the denser/smaller the star cluster will appear. As you increase the distance between the projector and the surface, the effect will expand. In general, Gaia Galaxy Projector covers roughly 30 x 30 feet from 10 feet away.

17. Do Gaia Galaxy products emit heat when turned on?

All of our products are very efficient and produce little to no heat. They are completely safe for your children and pets.

18. When will my order ship?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification with tracking information as soon as your package is ready for shipment. 

19. My order has arrived but it’s not as I expected. What can I do?

In the rare event that your order arrives damaged or faulty, please take videos of the product in question and email our customer service team via hello@gaiagalaxy.com with the details. We’ll respond within 48 hours.

20. Still got questions?

Please send us an email at hello@gaiagalaxy.com and we will get back to you as quick as we can